Happy New Year Borgen – Literally

The Season To Be Jolly over, say hello to The Season To Be Happy. “Happy New Year!!!” We squeal dementedly at anyone, every day, all month. But, be honest, thinking back over the years, how often did it really turn out that way?

To Borgen, where it does turn out exactly that way. Every year. Or at least for as long as anyone’s been counting that sort of stuff. Linguistic quirk: The Danes don’t actually say ‘Happy New Year’, they say Godt Nytår – Good New-year, so a slightly less Jazz Hands augmented outpouring.

So what’s their secret? The magic ingredient? The weather is cold and wet, it’s dark for much of the year, there’s no great imperial past, little pomp – even less circumstance. Could it be the Lego?  Or a daily Danish ?(which they, by the way, call Vienna Bread)?

Just for a laugh, let’s spell our way through some likely determinants of Borgen’s happiness phenomenon: Continue reading


Bringing up the £200K baby: What Would Borgen Do?

Childcare costs more expensive than Eton” screams the Daily Torygraph headline.

Never mind Eton, nursery fees maxing out at a whopping £42K a year, with an average of £11K, are now way beyond the reach of anyone on the minimum wage – the very people most in need of affordable childcare.

Now, here in Our Green and Pleasant Land, we like to think of ourselves as a pretty decent bunch, really. So why is it that, as soon as someone’s over a barrel – someone else can be sure to waste no time in finishing them off completely? Continue reading