Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – What on earth is Borgen doing?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark“. Thus spake Hamlet’s mate Marcellus, back in the year 1600. It could just as easily have been half an hour ago.

For Borgen’s freshly minted right wing government is busy cribbing British Prime Minister David Cameron’s reactionary austerity politics for use in their spanking new raft of policy proposals. All the while, the Brits are equally busy arguing about exactly how many thousands of sick and disabled compatriots have died less than three weeks after being declared ‘Fit For Work’ by Iain Duncan Smith’s Stasi – the Department for Work and Pensions.

It would appear that Borgen’s new Statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is hell bent on steering the happiest, most equal and well functioning nation on the planet headlong in the direction of the most miserable, most unequal and dysfunctional country in Europe. From inhabitants to immigrants, asylum seekers to average citizens, everyone’s in the firing line. Confused? You should be. Continue reading


Corbyn, Sturgeon and a guy called Nigel… Borgen would love them all

Q: What do Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas, Nigel Farage and Leanne Wood all have in common?


Agree with them or not, no one could doubt that they all speak their own words or that they all passionately believe in what they say. And they do say what they believe in. Very loudly.

For every other politician it’s business as usual: ‘We can’t think of anything original to say, so let’s instead demolish what everyone else says.’ Continue reading

Is disability a handicap? What does Borgen think?

In William Beveridge’s welfare state that is Great Britain, welfare has taken a hammering over the past five years. And if David Cameron gets his way in the general election on May 7, a further eye watering 12 billion pounds worth of welfare cuts are likely to come down the pike over the next five years.

Economists and think tanks alike are shuffling their feet uneasily at the prospect, so is it time to ask the question: “is Great Britain still a welfare state at all, or has it transmogrified into something worryingly different?Continue reading

Seven British Values or Borgen’s Jante Law? You decide

A bunch of schools in Birmingham and Bradford have been accused of failing to teach students ‘British values’. The upshot has been every Tom, Dick and Harry (definitely British) loftily expounding what exactly they each perceive as passing muster as a “British value”.

As the rhetoric rolls out, it has become clear that what constitutes such a value depends entirely on who’s talking.

Learning, for example, that Call-me-Dave favours celebrating the Magna Carta, Charlie Brooker sets the tone of contention: No wonder Cameron wants to celebrate the Magna Carta – back then plebs had the same human rights as a parsnip. According to Brooker, Dave has responded to this crisis by declaring that we need to celebrate “Britishness” with more enthusiasm. “More enthusiasm? More?“, demands Charlie, “We’ve been celebrating Britishness with the strained determination of a man desperately trying to shit a cricket ball for the past five years.” Half a decade of drenched Diamond Jubilee flotillas, Olympic/Paralympic flag waving and First World War/D-Day commemorations have clearly taken their toll on poor Charlie.

And so we shift seamlessly into the shouty cut and thrust of the tub-thumping, mouth-frothing, lip-snarling style of pugilistic debate so beloved of Prime Minister’s Question Time (definitely British). Continue reading

Warning: Strap hanging still shaves a quarter off your wage. What would Borgen do?

I’m feeling so lethargic after all those seasonal festivities that I can’t quite find my mojo to write a new post just yet. So how lucky is this? I don’t have to write a new post at all! Here’s one I prepared earlier. Exactly one year ago, in fact. I promise you won’t even spot the join!

To be fair, the Powers that be cunningly judged that, being ever closer to those pesky elections, they’d best lower fare increases to just match inflation but, as real wages have practically ossified, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

Call-me-Dave’s spin-drier could just have told the Romanians and Bulgarians about the price of a commute and our migration figures would be sure to end up in the negative. Continue reading

An Englishman’s Home is His Cash Cow. What Does Borgen Do?

The GB housing market is fecked. It has been for – well, for a very long time actually. That’s if it ever worked as intended, of course. You know, people having a home near their work, one which is the right size and shape for its number of occupants. That sort of thing.

I know, I know, does make you laugh, doesn’t it? “Hahaha, don’t be so simple” I can hear you chortle as you read. If only…but this isn’t funny. It isn’t funny at all. In fact, it’s so serious that it will destroy our communities, unless we get a grip. Continue reading