Borgen is Killing Cameron – Is Nordic democracy a Bridge too far?

UK news agency The Press Association reports that “British PM David Cameron has urged the BBC to produce more home-grown dramas and comedies instead of relying on Danish imports such as the international hit series ‘Borgen‘, ‘Broen‘ (The Bridge) and Forbrydelsen (The Killing)”.

Apparently our Dave doesn’t cope well with reading subtitles and taking in the action all at once. Whether he also has problems patting his head while rubbing his tummy remains unknown.

Thankfully, new BBC million pound costume drama Jamaica Inn should play better at Cameron Towers – you only need to watch the pictures, you can’t hear what anyone’s saying anyway…without subtitles. Oh. Continue reading


Westmonster housing crisis – What would Borgen do?


Here are the headlines:


Maria Miller MP sells taxpayer funded Wimbledon Home for £1million profit


Homeowners raise average asking price in London by 7% a month


3.8 million families are ‘one pay cheque away from losing their home’

If you are a small, emerald creature from a distant galaxy you will, by now, have safely deduced that we are obviously talking about three completely different planets, light years apart.

Of course, your being a small, emerald creature from a distant galaxy is about as likely as Maria Miller MP diverting her million pound profit into bricks and mortar for some of the four million families who, having spent their money paying for Ms Miller’s house, are now about to lose their own. Continue reading