To BDS or not to BDS? That is the question. What is Borgen’s answer?

The European Union has finally voted to apply Boycott, Divestment and SanctionsImage to any trade with Israel’s illegal settlements, thus joining the growing number of countries who have already taken action.

And they’re in distinguished company; Desmond Tutu, and Roger Waters, and Alice Walker, and Stephen Hawking and the Bishops of Guildford and Exeter … and … and … and – the list goes on and is getting longer by the day.

Israel variously hold such actions to be either Anti Semitic or, latterly, harming Palestinian workers more than they harm Israel.

In fact, aside from the parallel with the South African Apartheid era, those attacking the boycott in the name of “Palestinian workers” also echo those companies that defend sweatshop labour on the grounds of “Well at least they have a job!” – a justification rightly rejected by campaigners and rights groups.

The concept that not even Israel is free to ride roughshod over other people’s human rights seems to escape the Israeli government entirely. Continue reading