Yeo, Borgen! Fix our – allegedly – corrupt politicians!

Groundhog Day doesn’t half seem to come around with monotonous regularity these days. The smoke has barely cleared from the Patrick Mercer MP Cash for Questions questions, before we are treated to Cash for Answers allegations, courtesy of Tory Grandee Tim Yeo, MP allegedly. Image

Meanwhile, back at the Beeb, The Sunday Politics wheeled in fragrant fruitcake Nadine Dorries to speak up for her hard pressed, austerity hit MP colleagues.

Nadine, by pure coincidence, is herself to be investigated in connection with an apparent fee for her valiant public service in an Aussi television jungle.  But let that not stand in the way of the fact that Nadine actually does seem to have hit on a highly credible solution to the rampant corruption sweeping through our Houses of Parliament. Continue reading