Warning: Strap hanging can shave a quarter off your wages. What Would Borgen Do?

Happy New Year Britain! Stand by for more cuts! cuts! cuts! Except in rail fares. There it’s a case of Let the Train Drain you Dry. As part of the festive fireworks, rail fares exploded by 4.3% so, if you are privileged enough to have a job at all, you can kiss good-bye to up to a quarter of your pay packet just to get you there.

A Season ticket will cost as much as 23% of gross salary or, put another way, you’ll effectively have to work till April Fools’ Day for nowt. Supreme irony or something else? You decide.

Even train spotters’ favourite, Michael Portillo, appears to have been priced off UK Rail. In the teeth of recent BBC budget travails, Michael’s much loved Great British Railway Journeys have transmogrified into a collection of rail journeys “across the heart of Europe“, no doubt slashing his programme budget by half at a stroke. Nice one Michael. Continue reading